How to Choose a Paraphrasing Service?

Choosing a paraphrasing service provider?

On academic discussion forums and social media, a key dominant question asked by MA & PhD students and academics is how to find and how to choose the best provider of academic paraphrasing services.

This question is sometimes asked after disappointing experience they may have been through, as a result of choosing the wrong paraphrasing service provider.

Apart from their need for proofreading services, while doing their research papers, academics and postgraduate students often need to cite a source or refer to a quote from another author, and here lurks a risk of plagiarisim if they only just copy and paste it. They need to frame it in their own words and style, using different words and structure whilst conveying the original intended idea.

It is perfectly understandable why things sometimes go wrong for some students and academics who need a paraphrasing service.

First: Wrong choice

The first and key mistake is simply that they had chosen the wrong service provider. They might have been misled by all flowery and eloquent language used by those providers in their description of their services.

Second: Failure to compare

Almost all paraphrasing service providers offer clients, particularly new ones, a free sample option. Basically, any student or academic keen to make the right choice should take advantage of this offer.

The more samples you get from providers the better because it will help you compare them all against a certain number of criteria (quality, speed, cost). If you are dealing with a provider for the first time, it is always best to test them first through the free sample option. Failure to do so quite often results in disappointment.

Third: Source of problem

The poor quality of a paraphrasing services is certainly the result of a lack of knowledge about the art of paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing is not about replacing one word with another or replacing one sentence with another using synonyms. It is more about a full grasp of the original text, digesting it and then converting it using a different style, structure, terminology and tone.

Unfortunately, many students and academics complain that providers they had tried gave them a paraphrased version that was easily detected as plagiarised. Detecting lifted or plagiarised content has never been easier, thanks to available pieces of software such as Turnitin.

So, it is highly advisable for students and academics who are after a professional paraphrasing service is to make your research well about the best provider, test as many providers as you can and then compare the quality of their service. Only then you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.

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